Solenn Turns 32 Today, Gives An Inspiring AF Birthday Message To Herself

Happy birthday, Sos!
PHOTO: Instagram/robbiepinera

Solenn Heussaff is celebrating her 32nd birthday today with zero birthday blues and a big bag of wisdom instead. On Insta, she shares insights about the most important thing she's learned in her 32 years of existence: Love.

"Today I turn 32. The older you get, the "wiser." I have learned through the years that you can’t choose who you love, but you can chose who you surround yourself with and how you can help make a difference in other people's lives."

Sos also shared that she's nearing the reveal of her passion project, which was inspired by her travels in the Philippines:

"This October I will be sharing with all of you the people I have seen or met that have brought inspiration to my life. 

I love my country and the people in it (most of them haha). And my most recent trip to Biri Island in Northern Samar brought even more light to my soul. I just got #Scenezoned in this majestic place and it was the perfect place for me to fulfill #ThePLAN #SolennArt."

Sos' hubby, our fave Argentinian funnyman Nico Bolzico, is currently out of town and is missing out on celebrating with Solenn today. But he did give out a sweet message to his love, saying:

"I treasure everyday I wake up next to you, even though I sleep in the dog house most of the time. 

I hope one day to be as sincere, honest, humble, and caring as you. You make everyone around you better!"

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Wishing you all the love this year, Sos! XOXO

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