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Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico Forgetting Their Fifth Wedding Anniversary Is The Cutest Thing Ever

'Thankfully, we both forget anniversaries, Bebu!'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/solenn; (RIGHT) Instagram/nicobolzico

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico forgot their wedding anniversary—again. 

The couple took to Instagram on May 28, Friday, to greet each other for their fifth year together as a married couple.

"Happy anniv six days late LOL," Solenn wrote, featuring a Boomerang video of them on a beach. "10 years together, five married. More ups than downs, but a good merry-go-round. Te amo, @nicobolzico! "

To which Nico replied: "My expressions in this video are a reflection of all the up and downs during those 10 years... I only remember the ups, not sure we had any downs... except for that time that I bought #ElPato and had to return it."

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Nico was referring to that time in December 2020 when he said he and Solenn (whom he was 87 percent sure agreed) decided to get a duck for a pet. LOL.

Nico also greeted Solenn on IG and it was cute and super sweet at the same time. It featured a fun photo taken from their wedding reception. Aww.

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"'Marriage is a bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them. -Anonymous'! Thankfully we both forget anniversaries, Bebu! Happy five years and six days anniversary! I love you and choose you every day! #SosBolz #ForeverMakesSense"

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Solenn and Nico tied the knot on May 21, 2016, in Combourg, France. They now have a beautiful daughter, Thylane Katana, aka #BabyBolz, who turned one in January 2021.

Happy fifth wedding anniv, Solenn and Nico!