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Solenn Heussaff CONFIRMS She's Still Single In New IG Post

She sets the record straight!

Solenn Heussaff broke the internet during the holidays when word—more like snaps uploaded by besties Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Anne Curtis—came out that Sos wed her fiance Nico Bolzico in Argentina.

Clad in a custom-made Boom Sason lace wedding gown, Sos was said to have wed Nico in a "lakeside civil union and reception" as posted by the designer herself:

“My beautiful friend Sos, who bears all the qualities I always admired in a woman, wears her custom @boomsasonweddingclassics gown tonight for her lakeside civil union and reception in Argentina ❤ love you Sos! Congrats and Best wishes to you and Nico!”


Now, Sos finally speaks up about the issue in an Instagram post uploaded over the weekend. The actress clarifies that the whole Argentinian affair was a celebration of their "union."

She also asks for privacy in spite of being a public figure, but she would gladly share pics and vids of her ACTUAL wedding, which is set in the latter part of 2016.

“Highlight of my trip: our union in Argentina. Although I am a public figure - I still choose to keep some things private. Many people feel they have the right to judge and speculate whether or not we got married etc. I'm in the process of fixing many papers after our celebration in Argentina and I am currently busy prepping for my wedding later this year.

I always said I would share after the wedding to keep it private and since it hasn't happened yet - I haven't shared! Please respect my privacy in this journey. I will only get to live once and id like this milestone to be celebrated pirvately first, then shared. I promise when it happens you will know! ill be sharing all the photos and videos of my union, celebration and upcoming wedding once its all done. That's all for now folks! Lol”

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And there you have it! Sos is still single ~*for now*~.

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