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A South Korean TV Network Apologizes After Using Offensive References For Tokyo Olympics Participating Countries

'They ran a picture of Dracula alongside Team Romania last night. *facepalm*'
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons/RuinDig

Uh-oh, South Korean TV network MBC just got a lot of criticism after an offensive broadcast.

During the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the network shared inappropriate images and captions to refer to participating countries during the parade of nations on July 23, Friday.

When it was Italy's turn, MBC used pizza as a reference. For Romania, they actually showed a photo of *Dracula*! They also used images of the Chernobyl disaster when Ukraine was shown.

The TV network described Haiti as a country "with an unstable political situation due to the assassination of its president," and the Marshall Islands as "a former nuclear test site for the United States." 

Netizens took to Twitter to react to the broadcast.

"I saw that MBC indicated the GDP and vaccination rate for Malaysia during the Tokyo Olympics. Hello? You can actually find even better info about Malaysia. Do some research."


"They ran a picture of Dracula alongside Team Romania last night. *facepalm*" said business reporter Hyunsu Yim.

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Another Twitter user said: "Korean News MBC, what are you doing? #Ukraine #Chernobyl #TokyoOlympics #TokyoOlympics2020 #Korea #MBC"

MBC apologized on Saturday for the offensive broadcast, admitting a "lack of consideration" for countries concerned and that their "inspection was not thorough enough." They called it an "inexcusable mistake."


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