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Someone Had The Nerve To Call Sunshine Cruz A *Lola* And Here's How She Reacted

You tell 'em, Sunshine!
Sunshine Cruz reacts to a netizen calling her a lola
PHOTO: Instagram/sunshinecruz718

Bashers just won't quit, and they're everywhere, especially on celebs' social media accounts.

Recently, Sunshine Cruz took to her Facebook page to share how she responded when a netizen called her a "lola". The actress posted screenshots of the exchange.

"Lola, yung buto mo," the netizen told Sunshine in a comment. "Ingat-ingatan din, baka mabalian ka."

Sunshine replied, "Are you trying to insult me by calling me a lola? Proud of my age! I am 44, healthy, and happy. TBH, I'd rather be a lola than you. Kumain ka para magkaroon ng nutrition ang katawan at pag-iisip mo. You look frail and hungry. Take care and stay healthy."

Sunshine Cruz reacts to netizen calling her a lola
Facebook/Sunshine Cruz
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Another netizen commented, "Tigulang na gyud," which also refers to Sunshine as someone elderly.

"My sis is 54 and she obviously still looks young for her age," Sunshine replied. "Ageing happens to everyone po. Let's not make it seem na ang pagtanda ay dapat ikalungot o ikahiya. Blessing po ang mabigyan ng pagkakataong maging 'tigulang'."

Sunshine Cruz reacts to a netizen calling her elderly
Facebook/Sunshine Cruz
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This isn't the first time that Sunshine has been bashed. She's been told she "dresses up like a teenager", which she had the best clapback to.

"I don't think may chart ang attire according to age," she replied. "Basta happy at confident go lang po! Walang bawal at masama."

You tell 'em, Sunshine. No to age shaming!


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