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Super Junior's Heechul Opens Up To Girls' Generation's Taeyeon About His Relationship With TWICE's Momo

He also revealed details about a solo album.
PHOTO:[Petionista Taengoo] Ep. 17 Up&Down

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and Heechul of Super Junior just had a heart-to-heart talk about the issues that are troubling them.

Heechul guested on an episode of SM Entertainment's Petionista Taengoo, a reality program featuring Taeyeon and her pet dog Zero. Heechul brought along his own dog Gibok.

While the episode showed the cute interaction between the two dogs and Heechul and Taeyeon occasionally teasing each other about their personalities, the show eventually took on a more serious note as the K-pop icons start asking each other about how they're doing.

Taeyeon opened up about how exhausted she is with work and how she's considering going on a holiday. "I've never thought about vacations before but for the first time ever, I thought about taking a vacation last year," she said. "I need some time to recharge, but I had to [back-to-back work] so I'm tired."

"The company helps to bring out the best of my talents," she emphasized. "So the company comes up with ideas to try this and that. They suggest a lot of work [for] me and I've been trying to do everything and it's overflowing. I guess I've used all my energy up."

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In December 2019, Taeyeon told fans she would be focusing on treatment for her depression. She revealed her struggles with mental health in June 2019.

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Heechul in turn eventually made a reference to the "issue" surrounding the revelation of his relationship with Momo of TWICE in early January. 

"I can speak comfortably about it with you but the public and my fans who could have been upset said, 'It's okay, this isn't that big of a deal,' 'Thank you, we'll always be rooting for you,'" Heechul told Taeyeon. "This kind of response made me feel kind of guilty and I... It's similar to how you felt. I can only hold this much love, but after this incident, so many fans have [shown] me love and I felt sorry to receive all that. So I thought, 'I might not have what it takes to be a celebrity.'"

He also revealed that he was supposed to come out with a solo album with a song entitled "Flower Petal", but chose not to postpone its release after news of his relationship with Momo came out. "I wanted to block anything that could be misinterpreted," he added.

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When Heechul and Momo's respective agencies Label SJ and JYP Entertainment confirmed they had started dating "after having a senior-junior relationship," Heechul shortly thereafter announced a temporary hiatus on his YouTube channel. Heechul is 36 years old while Momo is 23 years old.

We hope Taeyeon, Heechul, and Momo are all doing okay!