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Take A Peek Inside Camille Co’s Custom-Made Walk-In Closet

Camille also gave useful organizing tips!

Camille Co just proved that she’s one organized gal when it comes to her closet space.

In her latest YouTube vlog published on June 28, Camille gave a tour of her passcode protected, custom-made walk-in closet. She shared that she was able to fit her two old closets into one.

Inside her walk-in closet, Camille maximized the use of space with her custom shelves. All of her clothes are arranged by type and color. She shared that her shelves are not built-in furniture, and since she lives in a rental, she can easily take out her storage space if she has to move out.

Camille’s walk-in closet has several nifty features. First, she opted to have shelving which has curved edges to save on space. Second, she added a pretty cool pull-out rack for her jeans. Another feature that she has in her closet is an island which is used to store her extensive collection of sunnies, specs, and countless accessories, some of which are displayed in acrylic boxes.

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When it comes to keeping things organized, Camille shared that she arranged her clothing by color so it will be easier to see. Another tip she gave: When she stores pants or trousers, she uses one hanger for two to three pairs of pants. Meanwhile, when it comes to storing blouses and tops, Camille grouped them according to color, sleeve type, and length.

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