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Here's The *Actual* Meaning Of The Sarah G Anthem 'Tala'—According To Its Songwriter

It's a song for everyone who's ~marupok~ in love!
PHOTO: Youtube/VIVA Records

Sarah Geronimo's hit song "Tala," which was released back in 2015, still has fans dancing to it during Christmas parties and learning the detailed choreography to post their own versions online! And who can forget that iconic basketball court version, where a *gay revolution* happened with "Tala" because someone wanted them to leave the court? 

A lot of us have been wondering what the song actually means, and "Tala" songwriter Nica del Rosario finally shed some light on the matter. On Twitter, she responded to a *conspiracy theory* about the track, which connected it to "a star about socialism/communism" and even analyzed the lyrics in depth!


Nica's tweet reads: "Sana ganito ako katalino kaso sinulat ko lang yung 'Tala' kasi may dine-date ako noon tapos umpisa palang fu-mall na ako agad HAHAHAHA." Nica adds that the literal meaning of "Tala" is basically: "Eyes so bright you can see the stars in them when they shine."


Fans couldn't help but reply to her tweet! @Crissa_MD said, "Hahahahaha ang lalim ko inisip yung lyrics. Karupukan lang pala yung point!" and @ken_chie joined in with, "So 'Tala' pala talaga ang national anthem ng mga marurupok?" It sure seems like it! 

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Here's the official "Tala" music video, in case you want to learn the iconic choreography yourself: 

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