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Here's Your First Look At Lee Dong Wook + Kim Bum's Characters In 'Tale Of Gumiho'

October seems sooo far away!
Tale Of Gumiho k-drama

"Urban-fantasy" drama Tale Of Gumiho, also known as Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, will air its premiere episode in October! The drama will tell the story of two Gumiho brothers, Yi Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) and Yi Rang (Kim Bum), and a "gutsy" producer named Jin Ah (Jo Bo Ah) who ends up *hunting down* Yi Yeon. The cast also includes Kim Yong Ji, whom we last saw in The King: Eternal MonarchHwang Hee, Kim Jung Nan, and Ahn Kil Kang.

On August 12, TVN released photos of the three leads during the show's first script reading, which took place in April. And just this weekend, Kim Bum and Lee Dong Wook both posted a *surprise teaser* on their IG accounts! Scroll down for your first look at their characters in Tale Of Gumiho.

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Here's Lee Dong Wook being all mysterious (we're loving that long hair): 


Kim Bum's character seems to be the ~evil~ one and TBH we're so excited to see him in a drama again

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Leading lady Jo Bo Ah looks all profesh and ready to get down to business: 


Watch the full teaser here


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