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Are Taylor Zakhar Perez And Joey King Dating IRL?

His favorite thing about Joey? 'She can make me cry-laugh.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/taylorzakharperez

When Taylor Zakhar Perez posted photos of him and his The Kissing Booth 2 co-star Joey King on vacation with friends, the Internet put their detective hats on to find out if their relationship went from reel to real. And who could blame the fans? Marco and Elle's chemistry was undeniable! 

Well, it looks like those ~sparks~ are just because they're really good actors. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Taylor made it clear that he and Joey are just friends. He said, "We went away this weekend for a friend's birthday and her birthday and everyone kind of freaked out about it. But I will say that we are NOT dating. We just became really close during filming. We became even closer after filming because we live really close to each other."


Apparently, they've been each other's quarantine buddy. When asked about his favorite thing about Joey, he didn't have to think twice about the answer: "She can make me cry-laugh. She is hysterical. Anything she says is not intended to be funny but she just cracks me up. And she has this really funny laugh that just makes me laugh even more. And also, her dedication to food because I love food. She loves food. She loves cooking me food. And that's a great relationship right there."

He continued, "She made this bomb pasta a couple of weeks ago. She looks at recipes all day. She'll send them to me on Instagram, she'll text them to me, 'Hey, I want to make this. What do you think?' She's non-stop. She should have her own cooking show."

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Aww, well, at least we'll always have that kilig-worthy dance to keep going back to. 


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