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You Can Now Hire A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend On Facebook

A change in relationship status included!

Coconuts Bangkok revealed that there's a man offering a not-so-ordinary service on the freelance work website Fastwork.

The man, who goes by the handle "Peerawit," had a detailed service description.

He had written in Thai, "You can hire me to be your boyfriend on Facebook for a week. During that time, we’ll change our relationship status. I will like your posts and pictures and go around leaving sweet comments that will leave your friends burning with jealousy. You can request what it is you want me to write, as well as limit how many 'likes' you want."

He also specified that he would only be available for the displays of affection on Facebook from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., as he also needed his "beauty sleep."

If the relationship is only confined to Facebook, clients are charged 250 Thai baht or around P348.

The clients who want to meet up and go on dates with Peerawit have to pay 2,500 Thai baht or around P3,487. The package covers three days, with each date lasting for four hours. During this time, Peerawit can pose for pictures with the client and even meet her family and friends.

Peerawit  makes it clear, though, that only "simple physical contact like holding hands is permitted" on dates. Sexual activities are not part of the service.

Coconuts Bangkok noted that one of Peerawit's clients wrote this review: "The experience I received was really good. My pictures and posts were liked and there were cute comments for others to see. Thank you very much. I'll come back again when I'm lonely."

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