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8 Thai Movies On Netflix That Will *Feed* Your Horror-Obsessed Soul

The ending of 'The Maid' is SO SATISFYING.
thai horror movies and shows netflix: the maid, shutter

When it comes to horror movies, Thai writers and creators are way up high on the list! If you're looking for your next gory/scary/thrilling watch, here's a list of Thai horror movies that are available for streaming on Netflix: 

1. The Maid (2020) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "In a haunted mansion, a new maid with a vendetta uncovers her employers' secrets and encounters supernatural inhabitants." Watch this movie if you're a fan of gory revenge films! Plus, here's some trivia: Ploy Sornanin (who plays the maid) was also in the hit series Girl From Nowhere as Junko. 

2. Shutter (2004) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "After killing a young girl in a hit-and-run accident, a couple is haunted by more than just the memory of their deadly choice." Who could ever forget this classic movie, right? No kidding: whenever I feel the *slightest* slight pain on my shoulders or neck, my brain immediately jumps to this film.

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3. Ghost Lab (2021) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "After witnessing a haunting in their hospital, two doctors become dangerously obsessed with obtaining scientific proof that ghosts exist." In case you're looking for a horror-comedy for a change! 

4. Laddaland (2011) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "When a family moves into an upscale housing development, they encounter a series of paranormal events that drive them to the edge of insanity." The movie won Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress at the 2012 Thai Film Awards! According to audiences, the drama element of the film surpasses the horror aspect, so it might not be every horror fan's cup of tea. 

5. Phobia 2 (2009) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "From disfiguring punishments to festering souls, Thai horror masters present five supernatural tales of karma." Phobia 2 is part of the Thai 4bia film anthology series but the first movie, unfortunately, isn't on Netflix as of this writing. 

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6. Nang Nak (1999) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "In this adaptation of a Thai folk tale, a man returns from war to his family, unaware of a sad secret about what happened to them while he was away." The folk tale Nang Nak is based on also inspired the 2013 horror comedy Pee Mak

7. Still (2010) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "A haunted hotel, a body in a water tank, a nightclub fire, and a prison death comprise four horror tales taken from Thailand's newspaper headlines." 

8. Train Of The Dead (2007) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "Five teenagers on the lam hide out in an empty train. Little do they realize that the train is inhabited by ghosts on their way to final judgment."

Bonus: Coming Soon (2008) 

The plot, according to Netflix: "After screening a bootleg copy of a blockbuster horror film, a projectionist comes face-to-face with ghostly terrors from the big screen." Coming Soon isn't on Netflix Philippines yet, but this is another Thai horror film that still haunts my dreams. 

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