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The 1975 Has A New Animated Music Video And It's Super Trippy

The band explores the world of Mindshower, a digital detox center.

In their new animated music video “The Birthday Party,” The 1975 goes to a digital detox center called Mindshower, where, ironically, internet characters and memes come alive. It’s a super trippy commentary on internet culture featuring Pepe the Frog, Trollface, and more online characters.

Watch it and come up with your own take on the video! 

For the 3D animated video, the band’s movements were scanned to create their digital avatars. They collaborated with director Ben Ditto and co-director and digital artist Jon Emmony.

The director said he and vocalist Matt Healy “have a shared fascination with the underbelly of internet culture and how that impacts modern life,” according to Rolling Stone. “We looked to address this from several directions and created an engaging and beautiful piece of filmmaking to contain these messages and their performance in a revolutionary way.” 

“The Birthday Party” is part of the new album Notes On A Conditional Form, which will come out on April 24. Parts of the Mindshower world will be featured in the band’s upcoming tour for the album. 

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