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Meet The Girls Of 'Camp Sawi'

And watch them sing Salbakuta's OG hugot hit, 'S2pid Luv!'
PHOTO: Facebok/Camp Sawi

Arci Munoz, Bela Padilla, Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, and Kim Molina are the five girls who headline Viva Entertainment’s upcoming movie Camp Sawi.

Yup, no need to guess here; 'tis yet another #hugot film we’re not-so-secretly dying to see.

An official trailer has yet to be released, but the hype over this film has been building up with their ~crafty~ usage of social media. Just last week, snippets of fictional testimonials on being sawi (but of course) were released online. Watch it and weep:

The girls were also shot singing the OG hugot single "S2pid Luv" by Salbakuta (SHOUT OUT TO OUR GRADE SCHOOL DAYS WHADDUP). Girls, y’all still look adorbs even with major blunders here and there. (The song’s reaaal hard to rap, OK?)

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