The Local Celebs Who Are Obsessed With The Book 'Me Before You'

They'd probably be the first ones to line up for the movie!
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Just a few more days before the much-awaited screening of Me Before You! This romantic novel by Jojo Moyes broke a lot of hearts way before it was turned into a film—one where Sam Claflin and the mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, have starring roles. Naturally, everyone can’t contain their excitement, including some of our local celebs who were very much obsessed with the book.

See some of their posts below:

It’s no secret that Nikki Gil is such a bookworm. In fact, she was one of the first ones to read this tearjerker.

Lovi Poe felt so strongly about the book that she even took a crying selfie with it. She finished the entire novel in two straight days and shared that she “couldn’t put it down no matter how busy” she was.

Anne Curtis brought her own copy when she went on an adventure to Chile last year. Traveling with her boyfriend, plus a good read? Sounds like a great vacay, definitely!

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Also a self-confessed “reading addict,” Kris Aquino shared on her Instagram how she finished half a box of Kleenex while reading Me Before You. She even bought the sequel in advance.

Needless to say, we’re also very much excited for this movie! For now, watch the official trailer below.


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