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The Worst Wedding Proposals Of All Time

Dear future husband, please don't ask us to marry you like these guys.

It's no secret that we at the Cosmo HQ are downright cheesy. We LIVE for wedding proposals, because they're sweet, inventive, and the girl always gets a diamond ring after.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of Will-You-Marry-Me #fails from the guys we do not want as husbands. EVER.

The guy was trying to go for an Amazing Race kind of a scene, but it didn't work—and the girl looked pretty pissed. Well, until she saw the ring.

It is totally NOT cool when your fiance fakes his death.

It is also not cool when you propose on national television, and the girl walks out on you.

A PRANK PROPOSAL?? NO THANK YOU. Hey, but at least she said yes.

We would've strangled the guy, but you have to admit: Proposing on a plane? UGH super romantic.

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