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This Is How Cara Delevingne Scared The Sh*t Out Of Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston was "peeing himself in the corner" when Cara Delevingne pranked some of Taylor Swift’s squad.

Suicide Squad star Cara was just one of the celebrity guests at Taylor's Fourth of July bash at her Rhode Island home. And faced with a house full of famous faces, joker Cara couldn't resist plotting a prank alongside Orange Is the New Black stars Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Cara explained: "Kesha was sleeping on the top floor with the Haim sisters and they were all in this kind of creepy area of the house. And they’d been watching murder mysteries all day. So me, Ruby, and Uzo decided to become a ghost crew and started making this massive plot to scare the c**p out of them basically."

But after Taylor and boyfriend Tom were woken by the crew's efforts, Cara joked the actor couldn't have been further away from his The Night Manager alter-ego when he witnessed the spooky goings on.


"He was just peeing himself in the corner!" Cara laughed.

Tom's fear was more than understandable, however, given the lengths that Cara and her pals went to in order to convincingly pull off the prank.

"We got torches, speakers, we did sound effects, we were going to do rocking chairs with bits of thread outside the room—I mean, we went full in," she smiled.

"We waited until they went to sleep at about 4 a.m., told Taylor and Tom because the security is massive so we didn’t get shot. So we told them and we set it up and it took a bit of a turn for the worse. They basically nearly called the police which is funny because I love that you would call the police if you think there’s a ghost outside your house—that’s why there should be real life Ghostbusters!" 

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