This Lady With A Million Voices Will Wow You

Katrina Velarde can sing like any pop star out there.

You know her better as the Suklay Diva who got her name from her penchant for singing famous pop hits while using a comb as a microphone. You know, as you and I do. (Aminin!)

Unlike you and I, however, Katrina Velarde’s impersonations are hilariously accurate. From Toni Gonzaga’s full-bodied chorus in “Catch Me, I’m Falling For You” to Britney Spears' breathy gasping in “Baby One More Time,” there seems to be no voice that Velarde can’t vivify into her own versatile vocal chords.



On her Facebook page, the impersonation video where she takes on Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, and more has racked up almost 4 million views. Sounds about right for a lady with a million voices!

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