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Wait, Tom Holland Spent A PDA-Filled Day With Someone Who ISN'T Zendaya

Okay, he said they weren't dating, but still!!!
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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Apparently, Tom Holland is seeing someone that isn't Zendaya. And yes, I know that our Tommy already set the record straight last month by confirming that he and Zendaya are not a couple (*sobs*). Can you blame me for being emotionally distraught a little sad that my former ship failed and Tom is moving on so fast? You can't, because in less than a month since Tom denied those Zendaya dating rumors, he's found a brand new girl to kick it with. Who is she? Well, we kinda don't know yet, but it's quite obvious that some ~thangs~ are going on between these two.

While out in London last weekend, Tom and his tall blonde lady friend headed to Hyde Park to catch The Black Eyed Peas in concert. During a quick break from the festivities, the pair went to grab some refreshments (i.e., booze) and seemed wayyyy closer than a pair of friends would be. Not only did they hold hands, but this girl totally went for it and touched Tom's butt. We love a woman who takes initiative!

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Naturally, Tom and Zendaya's fans have a lot of feeling about this. Some are totally supportive of Tom having a new woman in his life, some are seriously shocked and upset, and others are rejoicing because,'s their chance to hit Zendaya up.

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Even if Tom is no longer in our dream ship with Zendaya, we're still rooting for him and his newfound happiness—mystery woman or not!


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