The Internet Is Going Cray Over Tony Labrusca And Angel Aquino's Upcoming Movie

This May-December pairing is giving us life!
PHOTO: (MAIN) Youtube/iWant TV, (INSET) Twitter/markgeronimo_

There's a new love team in town and they're not teens or former partners pairing up for a reunion film. We present to you, Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino!

Here's Angel, 45:

And here's Tony, 23:

Their upcoming film entitled Glorious tells the story of Niko (Tony) who falls in love with an older woman named Glory (Angel). The 30-year difference is, of course, a big deal not just to Glory, a brain tumor survivor, but also to the people around them who judge their relationship immediately.

This May-December romance set in Baguio has gotten the internet hooked! And keep in mind, that's just the trailer (which gained a million views in just three hours). Check it out below:

So is 50 the new 20? As expected, Twitter has some opinions:

Yes, we are all marveling at how Angel never seems to age. At all.

Whoa. There are a lot of tweets about Tony's kissing skills.

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One thing's for sure: We're all watching it. Glorious is written and directed by Concepcion Macatuno and produced by Dreamscape Digital for ABS-CBN's new online streaming service called iWantThe good news is, the film will be available for streaming this November so we don't have to wait for it that long! 

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