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The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Paulo Avelino Getting A Girlfriend

Our hearts are a little broken, but we're all for Paulo and Jodie's new relationship!
PHOTO: (MAIN) Facebook/Paulo Avelino, (SCREENSHOT) Twitter/qyIagalvez

Paulo Avelino, age 29, has a new girlfriend, 22-year old Fil-Aussie model Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek, and the local Twitterverse is SHOOKT.

But it's not as if Paulo isn't capable of being in a relationship. No, no. The wild (and intense) reaction is coming from people actually believing that Paulo should be in a relationship with them. 

Read on to see the most hilarious tweets about Paulo getting a new girlfriendfrom heartbroken fangirls to some who are passive aggressive AF.

P.S. And while we see the humor in these tweets, we're all for Paulo and Jodie's new relationship. Guy ~finally~ got his wish for 2017! Cheers! XOXO

The ones who are in mourning

The one who's literally *crushed*:

The one who's bitter AF:

The ones who believe he should end up with Carson (Maja Salvador) from I'm Drunk, I Love You:

The ones who have passive aggressiveness written all over them:

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The one who can see into the ~future~:

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