ICYMI, Here's How Twitter's Reacting To 'The Hows Of Us'

Those are some intense FEELS.
PHOTO: The Hows of Us/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's latest film, The Hows of Us, has definitely gotten the Filipino audience hooked. It tells the story of George and Primo, a young couple who struggles to make their relationship work. The film shows a more mature Kathryn and Daniel and it tackles the ups and downs of real-life love stories, so it's no wonder that those who have seen it have intense FEELS.

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Here's how the Twitterverse reacted to the film:  

This fan drove all the way to one of the movie's locations! True dedication, indeed.

The movie actually made a FOUR YEAR OLD cry.

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And these girls? They also cried.

Here's a tweet that you'll only get if you already watched the film:

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Here's a compilation of Kathryn's ~best~ lines from the film:

There's no doubt that the film is a real tearjerker.

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WHOA. Her boyfriend got real serious! 

This thread: 

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Check out this short, honest review: 


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