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Vern Enciso Opens Up About Her Struggles With Infertility

‘Getting my period every month was taking a toll on me.'
Vern Enciso Talks About Coping With Infertility
PHOTO: Instagram/vernenciso

Lifestyle vlogger and influencer Vern Enciso has always been open about her married life, often sharing her adventures, achievements, and even the not-so-desirable moments on her raw and unfiltered Wife Life Diaries vlogs on YouTube.

Vern Enciso-LimInstagram/vernenciso

The longtime blogger and style influencer has candidly expressed her readiness to be a mother since she tied the knot with her longtime beau Ben Lim. Just recently, however, the content creator opened up about struggling with infertility after almost a year of trying to conceive.


“After trying normally for almost ten months, the anxiety and depression of getting my period every single month was taking a toll on me mentally,” she shares. “Even physically, I started to stress-eat again, I had no drive to work every time I would get my period.”

Taking matters more seriously, she consulted a fertility doctor to address the health concerns that may be causing her fertility problems. “[My doctor] made me do three kinds of tests: blood test, ultrasound, and the third one is the SIS (saline infusion sonogram).”

The laboratory tests revealed a condition that might be affecting her ability to conceive. “They actually found cysts, I have polyps, I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and I have myomas,” the fashion vlogger revealed. “I thought it was the end of the world for me already when I saw the results.”

She shared that she would need to get surgery to address the health problem, and hopes to get better with her fertility journey afterwards. “Usually, when polyps are out of the way, that’s when it’s easier for a couple to be fertile and have a baby.”

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Vern Enciso-LimInstagram/vernenciso

Vern salutes women who are dealing with the same problems as her, emphasizing that there is no “right or wrong” way to cope with infertility. “It could really take a toll on you. Sometimes it can even take a toll on your relationship. Whichever way for you guys to finally get a baby is a good way for me.”



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