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7 Viral PSA Ads That Made Us LOL

These will make your day.
PHOTO: Sinon Loresca

Our country’s public service announcement (PSA) ads are more often misses than hits. Even with good intentions in mind, many of these ads end up tacky and dreary, thanks to the low-budget production and poor conceptualization. 

This year, PSA ads are upping their game with the help of talented directors and viral personalities. Here are some that made us LOL, like, and share—all while getting the messages loud and clear.

1. Elevator Etiquette

Frustrated at your fellow Pinoys who can’t seem to grasp basic elevator etiquette? SM gets you, which is why they enlisted the help of indie film director Mihk Vergara and famous elevator girl Cheridel Alejandrino. You may remember the latter as the jolly elevator girl of SM Olongapo. A few years ago, videos of her funny elevator antics made her a viral sensation, even landing her TV commercials and a life story in MMK. This time, she’s starring in a PSA video that educates Pinoys about elevator manners.

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2. Escalator Etiquette

From the same production team that made “Elevator Etiquette,” this ad once again features Cheridel Alejandrino, this time as an undercover flamboyant shopper who reminds unsuspecting mallgoers to “walk to the left, stand on the right” when taking the escalator. This viral ad shows that those little signs on the escalators aren’t enough to remind our fellow Pinoys about this basic rule. Sometimes they need a little nudge from elevator girl.

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3. Parking Etiquette

The third installment of SM Supermalls’ viral PSAs, this one focuses on parking etiquette. If you’re tired of seeing pasaway drivers parking on PWD-designated spaces or leaving their car engine running while taking a nap in the parking lot, then help spread this ad. 

4. Walk For A Cause 

BGC enlists the help of comedian and catwalk king Sinon Loresca for a show-stopping PSA ad. Garbed in a Pia Wurtzbach-inspired gown and crown, Sinon fabulously struts down the streets of Bonifacio Global City while teaching pedestrians and drivers how to safely obey traffic lights and street signs.

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5. Anti-Littering (Anti-Piracy Parody)

As if those Derek RamsayPare, pulis ako!” memes aren’t enough, Ateneo De Manila University students took it a notch higher by creating a parody of the famous anti-piracy ad. This action-packed visual produced by Niko Tiutan has one main message: “Littering is littering. Littering is against the law. Littering is a crime.” They parodied almost every campy element of the Derek Ramsey ad, down to the soundtrack and the inexplicable falling tomatoes.

6. Baby Vaccination

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You gotta hand it to The Department of Health for casting five young dudes to star in this boy band spoof. Dressed in all white a la Backstreet Boys circa late ’90s, this boy band sings and dances to the lyrics, “Bring your baby back to bakuna… Baby come back, para baby mo’y protektado na.” Yes, it’s a baby vaccination ad, and they definitely caught the attention of millennial-ish moms. Now how do we get this LSS out of our heads?

7. What To Do Kapag Na-Tokhang

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In light of Oplan Tokhang, the group RESBAK (Respond and Break the Silence Against the Killings) dares tackle this subject with a video masked as a local beauty pageant. In the opening number, each candidate shares facts about the illegal arrests, warrantless raids, and deaths. For example, Miss Malaysia goes, “Malay mo, malay niya, malay nating lahat, ikaw na ang susunod. Huwag patay-malisya… Malaysia!” Using gay slang and tried-and-tested beauty pageant jokes, the Q&A section teaches us what to do in case a rogue cop knocks on our door and targets us for tokhang. It’s dark humor, but effective in teaching Filipinos about their legal rights.

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