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Watch Dads React To Their Daughters Being Catcalled

Suffice it to say they are not pleased.

​Every time I get catcalled, I always wonder how my big, overprotective father would react if he saw what was happening. Would he be enraged, or would he potentially be flattered that members of his sex find his offspring attractive?

The Scene set to answer this question by having fathers watch footage of their daughters being sexually harassed on the street in broad daylight. In some cases, the reaction was a bit disappointing ("You are beautiful, there's no problem there," one father said in response to his daughter being called that). But then when he saw her being followed by that same man for several minutes, he became visibly disturbed. 

"[If I were there] there would be a fistfight," he concluded. 

And if you want to see what happens when guys watch footage of their girlfriends being catcalled, you can check out's own reaction video:


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