Watch Sandara Park's Korean Travel Show Featuring The Philippines!

Dara could def be a local tour guide!

Back in August, Sandara Park and her model BFF Hyoni Kang visited the Philippines to shoot for a Korean travel game show called Battle Trip! The show features two celeb teams competing against each other to give the best foreign country tour.  

Of course, our dear Dara showed off her second home for all her Korean fans to see. (IMHO, Dara sure knows a lot of interesting tidbits about all things Pinoy!)

Here are some just-released clips of Dara’s Pinoy adventure:

To kick things off, Dara and Hyoni explored BGC and tasted different Pinoy dishes. They also checked out the indoor pools and waterslides of Laguna, and got fellow Star Circle Quest alum Joross Gamboa (who’s been Dara’s bestie for 12 years!) to make a cameo appearance!

The Korean duo then journeyed off to Taal Volcano, rode horses, took a whole lot of selfies, and ate even more local dishes!

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Dara and Hyoni’s last stop was in the beautiful Balicasag island of Bohol where they went snorkeling for Nemo and Dory (so cute)!

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