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Watch The 'OTWOL' Proposal Blooper Reel Here!

Get ready to LOL.

So if you were one of the many, many viewers who watched On The Wings Of Love on November 19, surely you died (an understatement) of kilig, right? I mean, who doesn’t love watching wedding proposals—especially if the man on bended knee is James Reid aka The Man of Your (My, Our, Everyone’s) Dreams? 

But wait—all those romantic lines you heard? James and his onscreen love Nadine Lustre didn't get them right the first time! In this blooper reel, you'll see them fumbling through the scene several times. Oh, and those lovey dovey gazes? They LOL'd their way through them, to say the least.

TBH, seeing our fave love team be their real selves just makes us love them even more! Watch James and Nadz here:

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