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We Found TRU Love In Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


The APEC summit didn't just stop our cars with the heavy traffic; apparently, the arrival of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the country had the same effect on our hearts. 

Here, a few reasons why we are completely smitten:

He was born on Christmas day—December 25, 1971. He truly is a gift you want to unwrap.

He does boxing. Yup, he actually fights. There was a fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in 2012 where he fought Sen. Patrick Brazeau—and won!

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Here's further proof that he can protect you:

He has an adorable sense of humor. At the G20 Summit in Turkey, he did this, and made us wonder what else he can do with his ~*jazz*~ hands.

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He goes to comic-cons. Take us with you and teach us the ways of the force!

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Yes, he is married—to Canadian television host Sophie Grégoire. And clearly, he isn't afraid of showing some online PDA.

Ang tamis-tamis. Ang sakit-sakit. 

He is kind to animals. Also, we'd give anything to be that dog for 10 seconds.

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He celebrated Philippine Independence Day in Canada with our fellow Pinoys.

Justin, live here in Manila and we shall celebrate Independence Day all day, erryday.

He is The DILF of ALL DILFS. Sorry, David Beckham.

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And just when you thought you were already completely, madly, irreconcilably in love with him, you stalk him online and see THIS:

Justin, you might not believe us when we say we love you, when in fact, we barely know you.



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