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Gigi Hadid Wants The Simplest Thing For Christmas

She's the sweetest ever!

As one of the biggest international supermodels today, Gigi Hadid has got to have it all. I mean, her face is seen on billboards and print ads everywhere. But when our fave American model (srsly, she is!) was asked by Bustle what she wanted for Christmas, Gigi told the sweetest story behind the gift she wants most during the holidays. And, believe me, this girl really does have a heart of gold!

"I don't always give a gift with it, but more than 100 people in the fashion industry will get a note from me every Christmas—editors, stylists, agents—all the people I work with. I really like writing notes. I never remember the gifts people give me, but I always remember the notes and I keep a lot of them. It's something that's special to me and that's why I do it for other people because I hope they feel the same way about that. That was a big thing with my mom when I was younger too. She'd say, 'Don't buy me a present, write me a note or draw me a picture' and that stuck with me. That's something that's really cool in a relationship, too. Don't get me a present, write me a love letter and I think that's cute."

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Awww! A cute love letter is on its way to you, G! 

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