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Who The Hell is Olivia? Our Top 5 Guesses Here!

Is it a real marriage proposal? An advertisement for a movie or show? We rounded up the most popular speculations.

UPDATE! We already figured out who Olivia is.

Okay Olivia, shouldn’t we know who you are by now? People have been buzzing about the growing number of "Olivia, Will You Marry Me" billboards scattered along EDSA, but the story behind it still remains a mystery.

Written under the supposed proposal is 2/14/14 (Valentine's Day), which everyone believed was the date of the big reveal, but three days later, we’re all still in the dark.

So we decided to round up the top five speculations that we found online. Let us know which one is the most plausible!

1. It’s an ad for the show Scandal.
Actress Bella Padilla wrote on her Twitter account, “So the ‘Olivia will you marry me?’ signs are for the US TV show Scandal. It’s the lead character Olivia Pope. Tsssss.” She is referring to fictional characters Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant of American television series Scandal which premieres on February 27.

2. It’s a real proposal.
Of course, there are still hopeless romantics out there who believe it’s a real proposal. We bet all girls named Olivia got their hopes up a little bit and their poor boyfriends probably suffered from mini heart attacks. LOL.

3. It's John Prats' proposal to Isabel Oli.
Many speculated that John Prats was the mastermind behind the billboard and was publicly proposing to his girlfriend Isabel Oli, whose real name is Olivia Daytia. February 14 also happens to be John’s birthday and his family owns a billboard printing company. It all adds up, right? Unfortunately, John denied that he had anything to do with it and added that when the time comes, Oli "will be the first to know."

4. It’s an ad for an upcoming Pinoy romantic film.
The billboard looks like a typical poster for a Filipino rom-com. We can already imagine a cheesy image of one of today’s hottest couples (DongYan, KimXi?) right under. Also, Star Cinema recently announced its 2014 romantic movie lineup. Coincidence?

5. It's a Marketing ad for a feminine product.
Based on the billboard colors, it can be an ad for a wide array of feminine products. If this is the case, good job, marketing teams! You really got everyone’s attention.

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