Wil Dasovich + Alodia Gosiengfiao Join The 'Bird Box' Meme Challenge

But Boy and Girl want you to be careful!
PHOTO: Instagram/wildasovich

Prolific vlogger and content creator Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao ~together, Wilodia~ amuse with their latest pitch to the Bird Box Meme Challenge worldwide craze. Here is Wil's:

Netflix Philippines took notice and responded.

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Alodia commented on his antics: "Disclaimer: Pls. don't try this in real life. It's dangerous. baka masapak kayo. iBilib!"

Alodia posted a Bird Box meme on her Instagram account: "New Year's Resolution diet be like... Happy New Year!!...Please don't try this at home. We have a highly trained crew to keep tabs on us the entire time we did this. Which was less than a minute. Have you guys watched it yet?"

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Netflix reported on December 29, 2018 that 45 million accounts have viewed the film. Just today, Netflix issued from its primary Twitter account a word of caution to those joining the craze.

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While we wonder what unfortunate outcomes prompted the advisory, whooshes and disturbing noise from the Bird Box song "Outside" start playing in our heads!

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