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Have You Seen All Of Yassi Pressman's Movies?

PHOTO: Instagram/yassipressman

Yassi Pressman, the proud owner of a pet snake named Fluffy, has been acting since she was 11! We've been seeing her recently on the primetime series Ang Probinsyano opposite Coco Martin, where she plays Alyana, a former news reporter and Cardo's wife. She also joined the reality TV series Pinoy Big Brother in 2015, and was briefly part of the love team dubbed "Yandre" with Andre Paras from 2014 to 2016.   

The 23-year-old has been in the acting scene since 2006 and here are her most iconic movie roles:

Caitlin in Tween Academy (2012)


In this teen coming-of-age movie, Yassi plays a cheerleader named Caitlin, which means that she's part of the "popular" crowd. The story mainly revolves around the characters of Barbie Forteza, Bea Binene, and Elmo Magalona, stereotypical "losers" who try to become popular as they change their identities to navigate high school better.

Elsa in Kaleidescope World (2013)

Kaleidoscope World, inspired by the music of Francis Magalona, tells the story of hip hop dancers Lando (Sef Cadayona) and Elsa (Yassi). The two are from very different worlds. Lando is a working student who is supporting his family. Elsa, on the other hand, grew up in the US and is staying with her congressman uncle. The two meet at an audition to get into a famous dance crew that's set to compete in an international competition. The two, as expected, promptly fall in love.

Lorraine in Diary Ng Panget (2014)

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Lorraine or "Lory" is a kind half-British and half-Filipino student who befriends Eya (Nadine Lustre) when she goes to a new school. This romantic comedy features a "love square" because the owner of the diary, Eya, loves Chad (Andre), but Chad loves Lory (Yassi). Lory, who is engaged to Chad, actually loves Cross (James Reid), but Cross falls in love with Eya. This movie is based on the online Wattpad novel written by Denny R and directed by Andoy Ranay.

Audrey in Talk Back And You're Dead (2014)

In 2014, we saw Yassi in another Andoy Ranoy film called Talk Back And You're Dead, also an adaptation from a Wattpad novel by author Alesana Marie. Here, Yassi plays Audrey, a student who despises Samantha (Nadine) because she beats her at practically everything, including catching the attention of TOP (James). Audrey is also the younger sister of TOP's best friend Red (Joseph Marco). In this film, TOP and Red are part of a gang called Lucky 13!


Elenita in Wang Fam (2015)

A family of aswang try to transition into a more ~normal~ life, including the eldest son named Duke played by Andre Paras. Duke falls in love with a mortal named Elenita (Yassi) and it's sort of a star-crossed love story because their parents are against the relationship—especially because the Wang family eats human flesh! It's directed by Wenn V. Deramas and also stars Benjie Paras, Pokwang, and Candy Pangilinan.

Nami in Girlfriend For Hire (2016)


A rich guy (Andre) hires a poor orphan girl to be his pretend girlfriend in order to escape his grandfather's plan of marrying him off to another woman. In exchange of her services, he gives her a posh condo unit and a big weekly salary but there's a catch: she's not allowed to fall in love with him. Eventually, they start falling for each other (surprise!) and just when everything is going smoothly, his ex-girlfriend (and first love) returns.

Jessica in Camp Sawi (2016)

The comedy-drama film stars Yassi, Andi Eigenmann, Bela Padilla, Kim Molina, Sam Milby, and Arci Muñoz. It is written and directed by Irene Villamor. In the film, the girls all meet at a boot camp called Camp Sawi where Sam is the "camp master", with each girl having a history of heartbreak to tell. Yassi plays the young and immature Jessica, a high school cheerleader who finds out that her boyfriend is gay.


Trina in Ang Pangbansang Third Wheel (2017)


This ~*relatable*~ film features Trina, who has lived her whole life as a third wheel. She unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams (Sam Milby), a man that passes her incredibly high standards, whom she thinks will get her out of her awkward situation. She later finds out that he's actually a single dad, and that the 8-year-old boy's mom (Sam Pinto) is still in the picture. So...essentially, it seems like Trina is a third wheel. Again.

Shalee in Para Sa Broken Hearted (2018)

As part of an ensemble cast with Sam Concepcion, Marco Gumabao, Louise delos Reyes, and Shy Carlos, Yassi plays the character of Shalee in this hugot film about heartbreak. Shalee is lively and lovable, and Alex (Sam) meets her when she playfully takes a surprise photo of him in the school corridor. We all know they end up with broken hearts (hence the title) but the movie tells different stories of different people. It was directed by Digo Ricio and was based on Marcelo Santos III's bestelling book.

Leona in Born Ready (2018)

In this action film, Yassi plays Leona, a young girl from Tondo, Manila. While we don't know much about the plot yet, we do know that it's directed by Luch Balao. It'll be the third big production with a Filipina lead in an action film in 2018, with Anne Curtis starring in BuyBust and Erich Gonzales headlining the film We Will Not Die Tonight


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