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Your Celeb Style BFF: Lindsay Lohan In A Digital Fashion Campaign

There are no limits to what one can do with fashion--or whom you get as your muse. This new campaign features the infamous star in a never-before-seen experience.

Troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan still has it going for her. To kick off Marc Ecko's campaign for the brand's fall collection, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, they hired the infamous star as the muse for their campaign. The fashion campaign involves a series of four video skits written by Marc Ecko himself, which correspond to each ad campaign image shot in New York CIty by celebrity and fashion photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani.

What makes this campaign interesting? The campaign takes fashionistas on a journey from being just an observer at the beginning to the third dimension via an "augmented reality," and then end as a participant hanging out with no one else but Lindsay herself.

How does it work? A special encoded GLYPH marking (tracking code) will be printed onto all Marc Ecko Cut & Sew fall 2010 marketing collaterals, like catalogs, look books, direct mail pieces, and print publications like Cosmopolitan. You can also see and print it from their website, Just position the code into your webcam and wait for Lindsay Lohan to appear as a hologram! Talk about putting fashion into Star Wars level. Pretty cool, huh?

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With that hologram, you can record videos of youself, talking to and hanging out with Lindsay herself (well, her hologram at least). Then you can upload your personalized videos into their website and social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

What does this campaign tell you aside from, well, there's really no limit to what you can do with technology? It's that you can go wild with fashion--there's nothing you can't achieve if you use your imagination. Imagine getting to interact with Lindsay this easily--for all her personal drama, you've got to admit she's got a great sense of style somehow.

Launch the gallery to see behind-the-scenes photos of how they created the Marc Ecko digital fashion campaign with Lindsay.

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