Zayn Malik Confirmed That Taylor Swift Really Does Travel IN Suitcases

The cat's out of the suitcase.
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Looks like someone forgot to tell Zayn Malik that Taylor Swift doesn't want people to know she travels in suitcases.

Hold on, back up. What?

Remember last July when a photo agency released an image of two hulking men lifting a suitcase they claimed held Taylor Swift? The 28-year-old pop singer was just starting to date actor Joe Alwyn and had been keeping a low profile. People were CONVINCED the suitcase held Swift because "almost a dozen of Taylor's security guards were present to move the package carefully into the vehicle."

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The agency later retracted the story, but even if Swift wasn't being held in that suitcase, she's definitely been carted around in other suitcases, at least according to former One Directioner and Swift collaborator, Zayn Malik.

British Vogue used Malik's quote that Swift "was traveling around in a suitcase," to represent his intimate connections to the A-list world, so it's unclear when and where this luggage escapade took place. Perhaps when the two were working on Swift's hit "I Don't Want to Live Forever."

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As for me, I have some questions.

1. How does Taylor Swift breathe?!

First and foremost, how is the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer alive?

2. How does Taylor Swift fit in that thing?

3. Lastly, WHY THOUGH?!

Listen, I get it, Swifty. Constantly being swarmed by crowds can be a lot... Honestly, I'd already be claustrophobic surrounded by a dozen or so security guards, let alone hundreds of adoring fans. But you know what would be even more claustrophobic? A DAMN SUITCASE.


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