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4 Healthy Food Trends You Should Try

These favorites are making a comeback.

1. Spinach 
These days, kale is all the rage. You can find the all-time wonder veggie in the form of kale chips stocking the shelves of health food stores and even in your everyday casserole. But spinach can still hold its own against this newcomer and even comes at a more favorable price, as kale can admittedly be more expensive. Spinach is rich in iron, vitamin K, A, C, and B2, and offers doses of manganese, magnesium, and folic acid, according to BBC. Still in doubt about its superfood abilities? Just ask Popeye. 

2. Juicing
This is perfect for people who aren’t too fond of munching on fruits and veggies (and even for those who are), but still want to fill up their tummies in a healthy way. The Mayo Clinic cites that juicing can help reduce some health risks, improve the immune system, lend your digestive system a hand and kick out pesky toxins. Plus, you just might shed some unwanted kilos. 

3. Seaweed 
Remember snacking on those crisp green strips of seaweed that come in packs from the grocery store? Not only is it tasty to munch on, it’s also loaded with nutrients. Sprinkle it on pasta, popcorn, or tuna casseroles to give your nom extra flavor. Aiming to get extra healthy? Opt for the plain roasted ones!

4. Beef Jerky 
A few decades ago, a mouth-watering treat called Cow Label was a household staple. The sweet, juicy jerky made for a perfect snack. For those who had access to it here, Slim Jims was also a go-to beef jerky brand. Now, with the popularity of the Paleo Diet, the beef jerky is rising up the food ranks once again. Or at least, a healthier version of the Slim Jims and Cow Labels of this world. 

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