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5 Simple Tips That Will Make You Feel Better On Your Period

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How to feel better on your period
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Periods aren't always a pleasant experience: Our puson hurts, we feel icky down there, and sometimes we have diarrhea, too. But they visit us on a monthly basis for a reason, so we just need to be a little clever and find ways to make ourselves feel better. Ahead, simple hacks you can try so you can live a normal, productive life during red days.

  1. Track your period.

    We love surprises, but not when our menstruation arrives unannounced, especially when we're wearing thongs or white jeans. Download period tracking apps or write down the last time you got your period in your planner. This way, you'll be prepared when Aunt Flo shows up.

  2. Change your pads often.

    Obstetricians advise that if possible, we should change our napkin pads each time we pee. This is to prevent infection and unpleasant odors. Alternatively, using a fresh pad after two to three hours is enough.

  3. Try a warm compress.

    Puson pain sucks, and the best way to ease the discomfort is by placing a warm compress on the abdomen. If you can, you may do a light workout to soothe the menstrual cramps. Try walking, stretching, pilates, or any low-impact mobility exercise.

    How to feel better on your period: Try a warm compress.
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  4. Wash with a gentle and caring feminine wash.

    It's true that the vagina cleanses itself, but your vulva (the outer region) needs extra help when you're on your period. Choose a feminine wash that can get rid of bacteria that cause itching and bad odor without altering your vagina's natural environment.

    How to feel better on your period: Use a red days feminine wash.

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  5. Wear loose clothing.

    When you're on your period, you're normally bloated. This is not the best time to wear skinny jeans or jeggings! We highly suggest that you stick with seamless underwear in the right size, loose trousers, jogger pants, or any style that will allow you to move freely without restriction.

    How to feel better on your period: Wear loose clothing.

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