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"Beach Body Ready" Ads Not Offensive Or Irresponsible, Says Watchdog Group

The ads were still banned over their health claims.

The controversial Protein World ads asking, "Are you beach body ready?" have been deemed "unlikely to cause serious or widespread offense" by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a U.K. advertising watch group, reports The Telegraph. This despite the fact that thousands of people across the U.K. have voiced outrage over the ads, saying they shame women whose bodies do not match that of the model.

According to a statement from the ASA: "We considered the claim 'Are you beach body ready?' prompted readers to think about whether they were in the shape they wanted to be for the summer and we did not consider that the accompanying image implied that a different body shape to that shown was not good enough or was inferior...We did not consider the image of the model would shame women who had different body shapes into believing they needed to take a slimming supplement to feel confident wearing swimwear in public."

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The ad, which sought to promote Protein World's Weight Loss Collection dietary supplements, is currently banned in the European Union over concerns that its health and nutrition claims were not properly verified or authorized. Even so, Protein World's head of global marketing, Richard Staveley, told The Telegraph that the ad had been "a brilliant success for us."

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