10 Struggles Of Being On The Pill


1. Keeping track of when to take it. Okay, I’m taking it at 1 p.m., I’m taking it at 1 p.m., I’m taking it at 1 p.m. Crap, it’s 3:25 and I forgot to take the pill. Again.

2. Waking up just when you’re about to fall asleep and wondering if you took the pill today. Did I??? Parang hindi na oo. *Scrambles for purse to check the blister pack*

3. Forgetting to take the pill and wondering how many you should take today. I don’t even know when I started forgetting to take it! Do I take two in one go today? Do I start a new pack? The instructions are too long and tiny for me to read! Ugh, I don’t have time for this. But I have to make time. ~*My life depends on it.*~

4. Taking it during a gathering. Do I keep it cool and pop the pill into my mouth like it’s mint? Or do I go to the restroom and hide in a cubicle for this? If I go to the restroom, do I need to bring some water? But I can’t just carry a glass of water! So do I just swallow it with my spit? Or do I wait ‘til this event is over? But I might forget if I wait ‘til later! Gah. I’ll just take the pill now like no one’s watch—wow, I just choked. Smooth. I’m okay, people.

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5. Switching purses and forgetting to transfer the pills. Greaaaaaaat. I’m such a genius. Stupid new bag.

6. Throwing your old pack. Soooooo. I guess I can’t throw this at home because my mom will see. Office then? Where my officemates can see my trash can and that lone used pack of contraceptives? G.

7. Buying a new pack. I have to buy one already because the new cycle starts tomorrow. But I’m so lazy to go to the drugstore! And then I have to spend nearly a thousand bucks for a box? Life’s unfair. Sure, the pill’s not as expensive as having a baby, but whatever. Life’s UNFAIR. Guys should take these, too.

8. Being REALLY hormonal. I’m BOILING right now. I want to smash something. Or throw something. But I have no idea why I’m so MAD. Okay, I’m sad now.

9. Having a lower sex drive. So I can technically have unprotected sex with my boyfriend whenever we want to. Awesome! Except for one thing: I’m not really ~*feeling it*~ And I haven’t been, when I know I should be—like right now. My boyfriend looks so hot in his polo. WHERE’S THE ANIMAL IN ME? Huhu

10. Dropping the teeny tiny pill. Broke the pocket from the blister pack! Now I just gotta get this pill out and ONTO MY HAND. Pill, please don’t fall into my bag or onto the floor and roll somewhere I can’t find you. Okay, I got it! I swallowed it! I’m queen of the world!

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