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10 Struggles Of Being On The Pill


1. Keeping track of when to take it. Okay, I’m taking it at 1 p.m., I’m taking it at 1 p.m., I’m taking it at 1 p.m. Crap, it’s 3:25 and I forgot to take the pill. Again.

2. Waking up just when you’re about to fall asleep and wondering if you took the pill today. Did I??? Parang hindi na oo. *Scrambles for purse to check the blister pack*

3. Forgetting to take the pill and wondering how many you should take today. I don’t even know when I started forgetting to take it! Do I take two in one go today? Do I start a new pack? The instructions are too long and tiny for me to read! Ugh, I don’t have time for this. But I have to make time. ~*My life depends on it.*~

4. Taking it during a gathering. Do I keep it cool and pop the pill into my mouth like it’s mint? Or do I go to the restroom and hide in a cubicle for this? If I go to the restroom, do I need to bring some water? But I can’t just carry a glass of water! So do I just swallow it with my spit? Or do I wait ‘til this event is over? But I might forget if I wait ‘til later! Gah. I’ll just take the pill now like no one’s watch—wow, I just choked. Smooth. I’m okay, people.

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5. Switching purses and forgetting to transfer the pills. Greaaaaaaat. I’m such a genius. Stupid new bag.

6. Throwing your old pack. Soooooo. I guess I can’t throw this at home because my mom will see. Office then? Where my officemates can see my trash can and that lone used pack of contraceptives? G.

7. Buying a new pack. I have to buy one already because the new cycle starts tomorrow. But I’m so lazy to go to the drugstore! And then I have to spend nearly a thousand bucks for a box? Life’s unfair. Sure, the pill’s not as expensive as having a baby, but whatever. Life’s UNFAIR. Guys should take these, too.

8. Being REALLY hormonal. I’m BOILING right now. I want to smash something. Or throw something. But I have no idea why I’m so MAD. Okay, I’m sad now.

9. Having a lower sex drive. So I can technically have unprotected sex with my boyfriend whenever we want to. Awesome! Except for one thing: I’m not really ~*feeling it*~ And I haven’t been, when I know I should be—like right now. My boyfriend looks so hot in his polo. WHERE’S THE ANIMAL IN ME? Huhu

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10. Dropping the teeny tiny pill. Broke the pocket from the blister pack! Now I just gotta get this pill out and ONTO MY HAND. Pill, please don’t fall into my bag or onto the floor and roll somewhere I can’t find you. Okay, I got it! I swallowed it! I’m queen of the world!