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10 Things That Affect Your Sleeping Patterns

Get a good night's rest by eliminating these habits.

Suffering from borderline insomnia? These culprits might be the reason why. Get rid of these 10 things to sleep better:

1. Blue lights. That soft bluish glow from the screen of your cellphone, laptops, tablets, and TVs interfere with your sleep. Make sure to turn off all electronics before going to bed.

2. The size of your pillow. Pillows that are too flat or too fat can cause stiff necks. Make sure your pillow is just the right size to support your neck in a neutral position.

3. Long naps. Napping too much can throw off your sleeping patterns. 20 minutes or less is the ideal time for napping. It is also better to do it during the day.

4. Constantly glancing at the clock. If you keep worrying about the number of hours you have left to sleep, you’ll waste time on actual sleep. So doze off to dreamland and make sure you set your alarm clock beforehand.

5. Using your bed for anything other than sleep and sex. According to experts, these two activities are the only things you should be doing on your bed. Don’t use your laptop, talk on the phone, or eat while you’re on it.

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6. A dirty mattress. It’s ideal to air out your mattress once a month to get rid of the bacteria caused by dirt, dust mites, and mold. These may cause allergies that keep you awake at night.

7. Lack of exercise.
Exercise has been proven to improve sleep quality, but it's not advisable to work out three to four hours before bedtime.

8. Caffeine.
Coffee addict? You might have to cut down in favor of sleep. Do it slowly by decreasing the number of cups you consume everyday and only drink it in the morning.

9. Late-night snacks. Eating later on in the day affects your digestive system and makes it hard to sleep well.

10. Random sounds around your room. The TV, a dripping faucet, music from your iPod, barking dogs—these background sounds may be keeping you up at night. Neutralize the sounds by focusing on “white noise” such as the buzz of your fan or air conditioner.

Source: WebMD

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