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14 Things Your Lips Are Saying About Your Health

Their color and texture are your tell-tale signs.

Your lips are dry and chapped.

1. You're dehydrated. Drink lots of water!

2. You lick your lips. Saliva dries the skin of your lips, which makes them more likely to crack and even bleed. Moisturize your lips by putting lip balm or petroleum jelly throughout the day or as needed.

3. It's the weather. The cold weather also dries your skin, so keep your lips moisturized with lip balm.

4. It's the sun exposure. The sun can cause your lips to chap especially when you get older. Apply lip balm with at least SPF 15.

Your lips are cracked at the corners.

You probably have a yeast infection. Bacteria must have accumulated in your mouth and caused an infection. Ask your doctor for the anti-yeast medication for you.

Your lips are pale.

1. You might have anemia. Pale pink lips are a common side effect of iron deficiency anemia and poor thyroid function (which has a role in producing red blood cells). See your doctor.

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2. You might have a heart condition or a lung problem. When the oxygen levels in your blood drops, the lips, instead of being a healthy deep pink, become bluish. See your doctor.

You have discolored lips.

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1. You've been smoking too much. Cigarette smokers may have darkened lips and inner lining of the mouth, but the lips will lighten once the smoking stops.

2. If you have lentigo, a flat brown or black spot on your lips, it could be because of your sun exposure or that you have a systemic disease like Peutz-Jeghers syndrome.

3. You might have a liver disease if your lips are yellow. The cases of discolored lips are endless, so get yourself checked if your lips aren't going back to a healthy deep pink color or you’re experiencing other symptoms.

Your lips are swollen.

You might just be having an allergic reaction. Ask your doctor for the proper antihistamines. 

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Your lips are tender.

You're having a severe allergic reaction if your lips are pink around the edges and are sensitive to touch. If your lips are just slightly inflamed, you could be allergic to something non-threatening.

You have cold sores on your lips.

You were infected with the herpes virus. Ask your doctor what medication you can take to treat the sore.

Don't confuse cold sores with canker sores (aka singaw). Cold sores are caused by a virus and are contageous, while canker sores are usually caused by stress or tissue injury (like what happens when you accidentally bite your lip).

Your lips are pink, soft, and smooth.

You have healthy lips! Maintain them by drinking plenty of water and applying lip balm.

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