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5 Things Fundamentally Wrong With The DOH Anti-Teen Pregnancy Video

Let's all #facepalm together.

If the intention was to totally f*ck up an anti-teen pregnancy campaign (pun intended), then they succeeded brilliantly. The Department of Health (DOH) released a public service announcement that they soon took down from YouTube after netizens openly criticized the sing-along video filled with cheerleaders dancing along to “Gaga Girl, Bobo Boy.”

Yes, you read that right.

Here are the lyrics, allegedly set to the tune of this K-Pop song.

Gaga girl
Bobo boy

Pag kita-kits kita
Sabi ng puso ko
BOOM x 4

Pag kita kits kita
Nakakagigil ka
Parang di ko na kaya magpigil pa

Naku naman hija
Naku naman hijo
Maghunos dili ka
Dahil bata ka pa
Magtapos ka muna
Maghintay ka muna
Wag kang rumaragasa
Nang di ka madapa

Di naman ako gaga girl
Di naman ako bobo boy
Di naman ako gaga girl
Di naman ako bobo boy

Salamat sa payo
Gets ko naman kayo
Buhay ko nga ito
Bukas ko’y iingatan ko
May isip na ako
Cool, chillax lang kayo
Kung madapa ako,
Babangon matututo


Di mo ba alam na di ka pa handa? 
Di mo ba alam na di niyo pa kaya?

Easy lang kayo, pagkatiwalaan niyo ako
Tama at mali natutunan ko sa inyo

Dapat naman magtapos ka muna
Dapat naman maghintay ka muna
Wag magkasala, wag madapa
Dapat naman magtapos ka muna
Dapat naman maghintay ka muna
Wag mag-alala, di kami tanga!


Kung ako’y mahal mo
Surrender mo ang bandila
Ibigay mo na
Sagot kita, sagot kita

Kung ako’y mahal mo
Di mo ko pipilitin
Di pa ‘ko ready
Maghintay ka
Maghintay ka
Are we cool?


Di naman ako gaga girl
Di naman ako bobo boy

Cringing already? DOH may have deleted the video, but it’s a good thing When In Manila reuploaded it via their YouTube channel: 

While it’s easy to ridicule this public service announcement, it’s alarming how this type of message got cleared for production in the first place. Whatever happened to the two steps forward we’ve made with the Reproductive Health Bill? (READ: Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Reproductive Health Law) This video just made us go 10 steps back.

Here’s why:

1. It doesn’t inform us about anything.

This is precisely why the Filipino youth cannot have a decent conversation about sexuality—all discussions about it are shunned by hypocritical elders who pretend they’ve never been teens with raging hormones. All they say is abstain, you're too young, it's a bad thing—generalizations that make absolutely no sense to a 15-year-old who thinks she loves her boyfriend. Let’s face it: people make choices. Some choose to have sex. Deal with it.

2. It’s judgmental.

That line in the song, “Wag magkasala, wag madapa,” suggests that people who have premarital sex live in sin. Are they really going to make this about religion again? Why someone chooses to have sex or not is a personal choice, and that free will shouldn't be shoved in a box and labeled as taboo. 

3. It’s condescending.

The campaign producers should have had the decency to at least talk to teens like equals and not call them "gaga" or "bobo" if they choose to be sexually active. The song should have touched on consequences of unprotected sex instead of tacky name-calling. How mature.

4. Wait—so if this is for preventing teen pregnancy, where are the contraceptive options?

It gets really confusing when the point of view shifts to a teen telling parents, “May isip na ako, cool, chillax lang kayo, kung madapa ako, babangon matututo.” So does this mean that parents should just “chillax” and cross their fingers that their kids don’t get knocked up, because if they do, at least they’ll learn their lesson? NO! Talk to your teens about contraceptives. Communicate. Put a condom on a banana.

5. What’s up with the cheerleaders?

Seriously, WHY? Are the splits symbolic? Or maybe the “giling” of the hips? At the rate we’re going with this campaign, maybe even the boosting was intentional.



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