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6 Health Hazards of Sitting

Sitting down all day affects not only your posture, but your organs, too!

We all know sitting for long periods of time is bad for your back and can affect your posture, but it’s also hazardous to the rest of your body (organs included).

Here are six health hazards caused by what you're probably doing now:

1. It can cause organ damage like heart disease, overproductive pancreas, and colon cancer. Blood flows more sluggishly and muscles burn less fat while you’re sitting, which allows fatty acids to clog the heart.

2. Brain function slows down when you’re inactive which means you’re more prone to have a foggy brain. It also increases the likelihood of a strained neck, sore shoulders, and an achy back.

3. Your spine can become inflexible due to unevenly squashed discs.

4. It can cause muscle degeneration and affect areas like your abs, hips, and glutes. Since you tend to slouch while sitting down, your abdominal muscles remain inactive which can lead to "mushy abs." 

5. You become more prone to leg disorders due to poor circulation. It can also make your bones softer.

6. Lower mortality rate: studies have shown that people who watch TV all day have 61% more chance of dying than those who watch less than an hour per day.


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