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7 Ways To Make Your Brain Work Better

Who doesn't want to stay sharp?

If you want to process information faster and to have a better memory recall, don't limit yourself to doing crossword or Sudoku puzzles or spending time on your brain-training apps on your phonesounds very tita, right? If you get to the program listed below, for sure you won't be forgetful like a tita.

Exercise. It helps get the blood flowing throughout your body, including your brain. Your brain would then be able to continue getting nutrients. A hundred fifty minutes of walking for each week, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (like jogging or dancing) a week will do you a lot of good.

Follow your circadian rhythm. Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Jones found that following your circadian rhythm is one of the best ways to make your brain sharper. Our cognitive abilities don't work as well as they should when our 24-hour cycle or sleep cycle is disrupted.

Get a good night's sleep and take a catnap during the day. Sleep lets your brain and body recharge, so that both can function at the optimal level when you're up. Naps help you retain newly absorbed information by pushing it to the hippocampus, that part of the brain that's in charge of consolidating or storing (long-term) memory. (Naps were recently found to improve memory by fivefold!)

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Eat food products that are good for your brain. Our brain cells regenerate if we eat the right kind of food. Some examples are spinach (which increases blood flow to the brain) and pumpkin seeds (which are a good source of the memory-enhancing zinc).

Put things you read about or learn in your own words. This helps you stay mentally active, since you let yourself process information rather than mindlessly taking them in (as you would when you simply memorize). Being mentally active keeps your brain in good shape.

Do something that will exhaust your brain. Dr. Jennifer says "When you're learning something new, and your brain is feeling like it wants to take a nap, that's when you know you're doing things that are growing your brain neurologically, not just maintaining it." So try to do some math or whatever it is that challenges your mind.

Experience new things. You have to go out of your comfort zone to keep learning, which in turn will help your brain grow. This will literally stretch your brain through the branching out of dendrites, the projections of a neuron that receive information from nerve cells.

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