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A High School With An Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Program Has A Major STD Problem

The school is dealing with a chlamydia outbreak.

Schools in Crane, Texas, focus on abstinence when teaching their students about sex. But that approach has come under fire after an alleged outbreak of chlamydia spread among students.

According to CBS 7 News, the school district sent a letter to parents at both the high school and the junior high school letting them know about the outbreak. The school district found out after Texas's health department told them about an unusual uptick in cases in their area. Initial reports said at least 20 students were diagnosed at Crane High School, but the state's health department reportedly said the number of confirmed cases is far lower than that.

The school currently just has a three-day sex education program for its junior high students, which focuses on abstinence. But now officials want to broaden that discussion to include STDs and will present a new curriculum to the school board later this month. "We do have an abstinence curriculum, and that evidently ain't working," superintendent Jim Rumage told KFOR-TV. "We need to do all we can, although it's the parents' responsibility to educate their kids on sexual education."

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Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in America, according to the CDC. It's usually easy to cure with antibiotics but can lead to serious reproductive health problems if left untreated.

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