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Apparently There's Such A Thing As A Semen Allergy! Why?!

It turns out that it's possible to be allergic to semen! The medical term for it is seminal plasma allergy. It's pretty rare, with 12 percent of women having the allergy, and at times the reactions are so severe that it can be life-threatening.

Katie Myers, who's allergic to semen, describes in Marie Claire that if she has sex without a condom and her partner ejaculates insider her, her vagina and vulva swell up within 10 minutes. "The swelling isn't as bad as the burning," she explains, "which feels like I've been doused in hot acid. This sensation goes on for hours, making it difficult to sit, walk, or drive. Not to mention pee."

Other signs and symptoms of this allergy are redness, hives, itching, and difficulty in breathing. But you won't know for sure if you have it unless you see your doctor for a test.

Maybe one of the strange things about semen allergyapart from it being realis that the rest of the body doesn't react when in contact with it. Not the skin, not the mouth.

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Researchers say that some women are just allergic to certain proteins in the semen, most likely a glycoprotein from the prostate (a gland in males that helps make the semen). It's actually not the sperm they're allergic to. That said, they can still conceive naturally. The women just need to undergo treatment to control their allergic reaction. Or if it's a severe case and treatment isn't enough, there's intrauterine insemination (with sperm washed of semen proteins) or in vitro fertilization.

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