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Do Not Sleep On Your Stomach When You Have Your Period

It's just gonna make the pain worse!
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What do Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Russia all have in common? They all have paid period leave. Unfortunately, we aren’t as privileged. So we do the best we can to get through the day, even when our period cramps make everything feel unbearable. And the worst part? Even after you clock out, the PMS doesn’t stop there. Most women can’t even sleep properly, either from the discomfort or from trying to prevent leakage.

Though we can’t take your period woes away, here’s a tip that might help you sleep better, at least. According to Dr. Lisa Mindley, for the skeletal muscles around your abdomen to relax, you should sleep in the fetal position. This takes the pressure off those muscles, thus resulting in less strain and pain in that area. This reasoning pretty much crosses out sleeping on your stomach because it adds pressure on your abdomen, causing more blood to come out.

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Plus, most of us know by now that sleeping in the fetal position makes it less likely for leakage to occur. When it’s that time of the month again, try sleeping in this position and let us know if it works!

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