Please Don't EVER Use Someone Else's Razor

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Alright, we know nobody would pick up their BFF's razor in the shower out of choice and mow away their own body hair. 

But sometimes you might accidentally pick up your sister's razor instead. And sometimes, you might be caught in a moment of desperation, realizing you've left your razor at home after arriving in the middle of nowhere for a wedding and noticing you have at least five days' growth under those armpits.

It's these kind of situations which might lead you to borrow somebody else's razor. But we're here as your guardian angels to tell you to stop. DON'T DO IT. Rock the hairy armpits instead. It's for the greater good.

Why? Because sharing razors is actually really, really disgusting, says dermatologist Whitney Bowe in conversation with InStyle

"Shaving results in tiny nicks in the skin," Bowe explains, "and those openings can allow bacteria to enter and spread infection." So theoretically, bacteria could transfer from the razor into these little nicks, which isn't really ideal, especially if it's someone else's bacteria.  

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"Not only that, but you're vulnerable to warts and bacterial and fungal infections," adds the dermatologist. "If there's blood on the razor from a previous cut, it could result in transmitting blood viruses."

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Yeah, so maybe best off going for the natural look in times of razor-less desperation from now on?

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