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Oh No! Does Coffee Really Shrink Your Boobs?!

A study shows that your bra size is influenced by your coffee habits.

Question #1: Do you love coffee?
Question #2: Are you flat-chested? (Or less-endowed compared to your bustier friends?)

If you said yes to both questions above, you may want to consider giving up number 1 for the sake of number 2.

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer revealed that coffee intake can affect breast size due to an enzyme related to both coffee and estrogen metabolism. Coffee contains compounds like phytoestogens that can block estrogen receptors in the breast, hence the small size. It basically blocks estrogen from doing its job properly.

In a nutshell: the more cups of coffee you drink in a day, the smaller your breast size.

On the upside, researchers have also discovered that coffee protects women from breast cancer, so it's not such a terrible thing after all. Right?


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