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Stop Procrastinating! Your Heart Won't Like It

Science says putting things off all the time can make you more prone to heart diseases.

Are you a procrastinator or a go-getter? If it’s the former, you should probably change your ways for the sake of your heart.

According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, procrastinators are more prone to heart diseases than those who get things done right away. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups: people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and a group of healthy people. Both groups were asked to answer questionnaires designed to determine their habits and how quickly they get things done.

After studying the results, they discovered that people who admit that they continually say “I’ll do it tomorrow” are the ones with heart diseases. They attributed this finding to the possibility that procrastinators are more likely to put off things that affect their health, like exercising and eating healthier. They also noted that by the time these people get around to actually doing what they should, they are not as willing to do so and it stresses them out, making them more prone to health issues.

The lesson: Don’t be procrastinators, CGs. Time is too precious to be wasted, and your poor heart may need a little more TLC.


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