A Trial Vaccine Has Helped A Woman Recover From Early Stage Breast Cancer In Just Seven Months

Could there finally be a cure for breast cancer?
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A woman has just recovered from breast cancer in just seven months. 

An article on aol.com reports how Lee Mercker, who was diagnosed with a form of early-stage breast cancer DCIS stage zero, is now officially cancer-free.

When Lee visited the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to begin her treatment, she accepted an offer from her doctor to become the first test subject of a new experimental vaccine for very early-stage breast cancer. The vaccine works by killing early-stage breast cancer cells and prohibiting the growth of new cancer cells. Lee received the vaccine in several doses over the course of 12 weeks.

Amazingly, the tumor shrunk, and Lee has been given a clean bill of health. But she also had a double mastectomy just to be on the safe side.

“We think that the use of vaccines in combination with early detection, appropriate therapies to minimize disease may ultimately lead to reductions in morbidity recurrence in at least breast and ovarian cancers with these vaccines,” said Lee's doctor, Dr. Keith Knutson, in an interview with Forbes. 

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He also shared, “We have seen early signals that our vaccines have a very positive impact on disease. We are building on that foundation,” he added.

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While the results have so far been promising, Dr. Knutson says the vaccine still has a long way to go but could be available within the next eight years.

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